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    Below is a list of publications produced by TRAMP project.

    Year Title
    2017 TRAMP Realtime Application Mobility Platform
    2016 DevCom: Device Communities for User-friendly and Trustworthy Communication [...]
    2015 Negotiation and Data Transfer for Application Mobility
    2014 Creating a GStreamer plugin for low latency distribution of multimedia content
    2014 Adaptation trigger mechanism
    2014 Component-based multimedia application for fine-grained migration
    2013 SOCKMAN: Socket migration for multimedia applications
    2012 User Space Socket Migration for Mobile Applications
    2012 Efficient data sharing for multi-device multimedia applications
    2012 Migration of fine-grained multimedia applications


    Below is a list of files produced by the TRAMP project.

    Year Title
    2015 Negotiation and Data Transfer Module
    2012 Sockman Daemon